Quick-Connect Pivot Coupling

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Clean hard to reach areas with this 180-degree, 5-angle quick-connect coupling for use with pressure washers rated up to 4500 PSI and 1/4 Inch wands. Great for reaching the undercarriage of your car, rims, and is also great for gutter cleaning.

1. Universal pivoting coupler fits almost leading brands of pressure washer.
2. 1/4 inch quick-connect for most brands of pressure washer, up to 4500 PSI pressure.
3. Fabricated of solid stainless steel and brass components which make it resistant to oxidation and corrosion.
4. Perfect for cleaning gutters, the undercarriage of your car and more.

Colour: Copper
Material: Stainless steel + Brass
Max.Working Pressure: 4500 PSI
Max.Temperature: 60℃/140℉

Package Contents:
1 * 1/4-inch Pivoting Quick-Connect Coupling


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