InsuPad - Creative Folding Heat Insulation Pad

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Keep Surfaces Safe From Hot Pots And Pans

Protect your kitchen countertop and table against heat damage by using our premium InsuPad. Featuring a heat-resistant surface, this InsuPad can insulate the heat coming from hot pans so that your tables remain free of scorch marks or heat stains.

With its high-quality materials, the InsuPad is durable enough to carry hot and heavy pans without breaking down. Best part of all, the InsuPad is completely collapsible and compact, so you can conveniently set it aside after use.

Key Benefits

High-temperature resistant - The InsuPad has a strong ability to withstand high temperatures up to 230 degrees. In addition, its thickness is sufficient to insulate the heat and protect your countertop against the strong heat coming from the pan.

Durable material - Made from high-quality ABS, this InsuPad is extremely durable and can withstand intense heat for hours. Plus, it's set to last for years of daily use.

Safe and convenient - Its six legs keep pots and pans balanced and away from your tables surface when needed. Aside from that, there is a small circular hole located at the edge, allowing you to easily hang it up after use.

Non-slip and rust-resistant - This InsuPad is designed with a non-slip surface to make sure it will stay in place while in use. It is also wear-resistant and will not quickly accumulate rust despite having frequent contact with water.

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